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Why Is Getting My Dog Groomed So Expensive?

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Why Is Getting My Dog Groomed So Expensive?

Why Is Getting My Dog Groomed So Expensive?

As a dog groomer I hear it all of the time. "Why does having my Dog Daycare groomed value so much? I do not pay that much for my very own hair cut. Possibly I'll just groom him myself!" Folks by no means appear to understand what precisely a groomer does that prices so much. Well I decided to write this article to set the report straight.

We as groomers aren't trying to tear you off. We all know your haircut could price less then your dogs but there are lots of reasons why we charge what we do. First off you only have hair in your head. In case your entire body was covered with hair that needed trimming then your stylist would certainly raise their prices. There's really no comparison between your personal hair cut and what a groomer does to your dog. And after we consider among the services that your dog groomer has to perform it is a good thing that there isn't any comparability between canine grooming and our personal hair cuts. I severely doubt you'll want anybody expressing your anal glands which I don't think humans even have. Additionally your stylist does not have to give you a sanitary clip and in the event that they do I bet it price more then having your canine groomed.

So now that I have made it obvious that your typical groomer performs certain services that go manner beyond the typical people hair lower lets take a look at some other reasons dog grooming can be expensive. Your common canine groomer may charge anywhere from $35 to $one hundred dollars for a standard grooming relying on the dimensions of your pet and points resembling coat condition.

So every morning you get up and in some unspecified time in the future you hopefully brush or comb your hair. I'd be keen to guess that the majority of you would not depart your house with out first doing this. Though, how typically do you sweep your canine? Matted coats are a standard scene at the grooming salon. A few of them may be so bad they could even be considered neglect or cruelty. In lots of cases had been matting is the difficulty the coat cannot be saved and may should be completely shaved down. This is a time consuming process that most groomers will cost additional for. If you want to keep away from further value for grooming take care of your canine coat at residence by frequently brushing it out. Not only is this good in your dog's skin and coat it is an effective way to bond together with your pet.

Grooming generally is a tough business. I am guessing that you've got by no means bitten your hair dresser. A minimum of I hope you haven't. I'm also guessing you have a tendency to sit down very still while your stylist cuts your hair. Well, your dog might not at all times be as considerate of the groomer. Being a groomer takes great patients and the ability to guess what your new shopper may do next. While this could appear trivial it's one reason that canine grooming can seem costly. We never know what a new consumer is going to be like till we have now finished grooming them. We take a chance everyday of being bitten., scratched, urinated on, and much more.

So the subsequent time you are taking your canine to the groomer don't be so fast to complain about the value of your dogs haircut. Groomers work very hard and most or underpaid for what they do. We take good care of your pets and treat them with the identical love that we deal with our own. If the worth continues to be too steep chances are you'll want to start grooming your dog yourself at home. Although, I would not be stunned should you run back to the groomer after the first self groom. I believe that typically till you try it your self you'll by no means understand how a lot work goes into making your dog absolutely beautiful.